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Site Characteristics

  • Integrated information of the Korea Exhibition, building the Northeast Asia exhibition and service.
  • Visiting registration for foreign buyers and promotion.
  • Offer the objective information for making the Korea Exhibition specialization, large-size, globalization and foster the exhibition business through the overseas marketing support.

The purpose of this website

The purpose of the Global Exhibition Portal System(abb: GEP) is to build a Portal Website Service which provides worldwide exhibition information to promote the export industry of Korea and to gain the international competitiveness of Korea exhibition industry in the world under the reality of Korea export industry that has to be adapted itself to suddenly changing world market.

  • Maximizing of exhibition business effects Customers, KOTRA, Organization(Association, Government)
  • On-line service wicket role of several information for Korea exhibition industry
  • e-Business charge business foundation building through the cyber exhibition business settlement and expend
  • offer the integrated information and service related to exhibition like exhibition information, exhibition hall information, exhibition news etc.
  • Attract the industry's interest and expend the industry through the information offer about the business supported by government

AKEI:Association of Korean Exhibition Industries

The Mission

The Association of Korean Exhibition Industries is an organization specializing solely in exhibition.
It was founded in September 2002 under the auspices of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
The mission of Association of Korean Exhibition Industries is to undertake a wide variety of tasks to develop and foster policies that will ensure the exponential growth of the trade fair industry.


At the moment, there are 38 member companies that represent the exhibition industry of Korea - including owners of exhibition centers, trade show organizers and exhibition service contractors.
The Association has eight personnel, comprising the Chairman (Seong Geun Oh, CEO of BEXCO), one director and five staff members

Major Projects

  1. 1) Support for Trade Exhibitions held in Korea and Evaluation of these Exhibitions
  2. 2) Operation of the Exhibition Endorsement System
  3. 3) Establishment of a statistical database of exhibitions held in Korea
  4. 4) The operation and management of portal sites for trade exhibitions
  5. 5) Overseas publicity of exhibitions held in Korea
  6. 6) International cooperation and educational projects
  7. 7) Involvement in various research projects and publication
  8. 8) Project for supporting participation in overseas exhibitions
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Contact Us

KOTRA Oversea Exhibition Team

  • TEL : 82-2-3460-7253, 82-2-3460-7675
  • FAX : 82-2-3460-7916
  • Address : (06792) 13, Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


  • TEL : 82-2-574-2024
  • FAX : 82-2-574-2696
  • Address : (06792) 13, Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
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